The Birth of Baha’u’llah

The birth of Baha�u�llah, Prophet-Founder of the Baha�i faith was on the 12th of November, 1817 in the city of Tehran. The Baha�is commemorate this day. The Arabic word Baha�u�llah means �the glory of God�. Formerly named Husayn-Ali Nuri, Baha�u�llah was a sensitive, intellectual, humane and a wise person from his childhood. He was known for his moral conduct and devotion to religion.

The celebration of the birth of the Bahaullah is a part of the nine holy days in the Faith when all the Baha�is refrain from working. Turning down a financially rewarding position in the government, Baha�u�llah became the follower of the Prophet Bab who foretold of the advent of a prophet greater than himself. Prophet Bahaullah had received a revelation from God that he was the chosen one.

Baha�u�llah professed the oneness of humanity, oneness of God and oneness of religion. He stressed on the equality of women and men, universal education and the need to live a life of virtue. The day Baha�u�llah declared that he was the one that Bab foretold about, marked the birth of the Bahaai faith or the first day of the Ridvan (Paradise).

Hand of the Cause of God, Ali Akbar Furutan compiled childhood stories of the Baha�u�llah in his book �Stories of Bahaullah�.

Baha�u�llah had a well-to-do upbringing and a noble education along with learning riding, calligraphy and Arabic. In his youth, he came to be known as the �Father of the Poor� for his generosity and charitable activities. He resolved problems which none were able to. He became a great follower of Bab and after Bab�s execution, he was also imprisoned on false charges. His property was confiscated and he was even sent to an exile in Baghdad. However, the forty years of imprisonment could not affect the spiritual man.

Baha�is celebrate the birth of Baha�u�llah by reading from the Bible, Bhagvad Gita or the Quran. In just about 160 years, there are more than 5 million people who are followers of the Bahaai faith all over the world. The birth of Baha�u�llah is celebrated by the Baha�is just like Christmas is celebrated by the Christians.

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