Christian Passover

Passover is a popular Christian Holy Day, observed by a small number of Christian sects. Passover is observed on the fourteenth day of Nisan. The festival commemorates the deliverance of mankind from sin and evil through the sacrificial blood of Jesus. It also has the association with the Passover mentioned in the Old Testament, which tells the story of the Israelites and their struggle for freedom.

The Jews observe the Christian Passover too. It denotes the true Passover sacrifice Jesus, delivering mankind from every sin. There is a parallel association between Jesus’ sacrificial death and the freedom achieved by the chosen people. In a word, it is the release from the slavery of sin.

The Christians have different connotation of this important day. In the Old Testament, Jesus has been considered as the final Passover lamb. The Passover lamb saved the Christians from the sin of subjugation; similarly it also delivered the Hebrews from the dominance of Egypt. The celebration of the Passover day also relates with Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples.

Why is Jesus Called The lamb Of God

The Christians consider Jesus the only priest of God, and they do not need anyone else serving the same purpose. The lamb, which Jesus presented to God the Father, had been a prelude to other sacrifices to come. This is why Jesus is called the ‘Lamb Of God’.

Christian Observation Of The Passover

To the Christians, Jesus is the ‘Lamb Of God’. Some of them believe that the event has direct connection with Jesus’ Last Supper. The unleavened bread represents His body and the wine represents His blood. The other section of the Christian community believes that the festival starts at the ninth hour of the day, when Jesus died. The hour coincides with Jesus’ intention to sacrifice the Passover lambs.

On this night the Christians wash one another’s feet, as Jesus did to His disciples. They roast a lamb and have its meat with the unleavened bread or Matza and wine. The Israelites too indulge in celebrating the Passover day, enjoying the Matza and wine.

The Holy Association of The Passover Day With Easter

Many believe that the celebrations of’ Easter’ have emerged from the Passover day. The commemoration of Jesus’ death is observed as the Passover day, whereas the commemoration of Jesus’ resurrection is celebrated as Easter. Though these events have close connection with each other, the origin, meanings and significance are different.

Passover, the common affair of both the Christians and the Israelites is thus an interesting episode to experience.

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