Declaration of the Bab

Declaration Of The Bab is an important day for the Bahais, when they venerate the Declaration of The Bab, the Promised person. The incident took place on 22nd May 1844, two hours and eleven minutes after the sunset. It is a renowned day, which marks he start of the Bahai Era in Iran.

The declaration actually is a testimony of Bab�s omnipotence. Here He has declared that He is the founder of an independent religious sect, and a Prophet or the Messenger of God as well. He is the fellow who would bring peace and prosperity to His people. The Declaration carries this fundamental point of Bab, which is known as the �Bayan�.

During the contemporary era, Muslims were looking for a prophet or a leader to guide them forward. Bab declared Bahaullah the latest manifestation of God. Bahaullah is the true follower of Bab and the Prophet-Founder of the Bahai Faith.

The day of the Declaration is also considered as the day of �Blessed Beauty�, where Bahaullah represents the shining sun. In accepting Bahaullah as their leader and guide, the Persians have faced some difficulty. Some of them have been persecuted, jailed, and convicted. But, ultimately, they have overcome their ordeal with a lot of courage.

Behind the formation of the Declaration day, you have to go through the history first. Bab had previously been known as Siyyid Al� Muhamm�d. He had a generous heart and He spread His humanitarian views among the other people of His sect. Bab was very straightforward in His approach. He was a man of medium height and clear heart.

He preached that you should not be hesitant in breaking your pledge if necessary. He was a man of dignity and self-assurance. He always advised His followers to commit, but in the name of God. He had such a brilliant exterior, that even a layman can read through the Divine look, manifesting Godly brilliance.

Visiting the mosque daily was a must for Him. He used to say that all your approaches should be conditioned according to the Will of God. By following the Holy path of faith and spiritual clarity, Bab has turned the Bahais one of the most transparent religions of the world.

Declaration Of The Bab, the Holy Day thus brings into focus the prophetic brilliance and glory of Bahaullah.

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