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Today, college tuition is at its all time highest. A typical college level undergraduate course will cost at least $1000 or more. This price is unlikely to decrease. As the matter of fact, it is expected to continue increasing on a yearly basis over the course of the next few years.

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With the rising cost of college courses, teachers are finding it very difficult to finance the needed education courses they need for renewal of their teaching credentials. Most states require a teacher to have completed six to nine college credit hours in education courses in order to renew their teaching license. If the school district is not willing to pay for these courses, it could be very costly on a teacher’s salary. Therefore, a teacher must plan carefully in order to finance the education courses she needs for renewal of her teaching license.

How in the World Can I Pay for These Classes on a Teacher’s Salary?

Although the cost of college education courses is very high, it is not impossible to pay for them. Some teachers are lucky and their school districts will pay for all of their coursework. However, there are some unlucky teachers who have to pay for it out of pocket. With careful and skillful planning, this high cost can easily be conquered. If a teacher knows in advance that they have to take college courses for licensure renewal, they can start saving money ahead of time.

By taking a designated amount from each payday and setting it aside, the teacher will eventually have the needed money for the courses. The teacher could also take on an extra job or use tax return refund money to finance the coursework each year. If saving money or working a second job are not feasible, then the teacher can attempt to take out a student loan to help finance the classes. There are several institutions that have programs to help teachers finance their continuing education.

Seeking a grant or a scholarship from a governmental agency is another option. The teacher may also be able to consult with a financial aide advisor through the university to see what type of work study or payment plan options are available. No matter what the teacher’s situation may be, there is always a way to finance the needed coursework that is required for licensure renewal. With a little bit of time and research, any teacher can find a way to pay for those high priced college education courses.

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