Education Degree

Thousands of students are graduating from college each semester across the United States. Most are graduating with degrees in Engineering, Business, Medicine, Law, or Criminal Justice. However, not too many of them are graduating with an Education degree. This is because no one wants to become a teacher anymore.

Education Degrees are the Least Sought After Degree

Teaching is one of the lowest paid salaries of a college graduate in the 21st century. An average teacher will only make between $30,000 and $40,000 per year. This is small change in comparison to the other six figure salaries that many of the other major graduates will make. In addition to low pay, teachers are also faced with major issues on a daily basis.

Almost every school in America has students who are unruly, under disciplined, and who have problems such as drug addictions, teen pregnancy, violence, gangs, and more. These are real life problems that have little or no solution; and which make a teacher’s job extremely difficult. America needs good teachers to help fix these problems. These terrible school environments mixed with low salaries are the two main reasons that college students today do not want to study an Education degree.

As a result, there is a severe shortage of qualified teachers in the United States. It is time that the US government steps up and makes the schools better. They should offer students who graduate with an Education degree a loan forgiveness program or some form of a way to say thank you. Something has to be done so that America can continue to graduate excellent teachers with an Education degree. Students should look past these two setbacks and see that teaching is a very rewarding and enjoyable career.

College students should at least consider an Education degree as a secondary major or minor. After all, teaching is a great way to make extra money if one already has a career, it is something fun that could be extra income, and it is a great way to have something to fall back on if one ever gets laid off of a job or loses a career. Above all, it is also a great way to help a child in need. An Education degree is not as bad as many students believe it to be.

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