Holy Friday

The Christians observe Holy Friday, better known as Good Friday on the Friday before the Easter Sunday. This Holy day of the holy week is marked to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is believed by the mainstream Christian Churches that Christ willingly endured the pains and took the Cross and the death to take our sins on this holy day. Hence, it is also known as Holy Friday in Latin America.

Good Friday possibly is a version of �God�s Friday�. While in Israel it is known as Big Friday, in Eastern Orthodox Church the day is observed as Great Friday and in Denmark it is better known as The Long Day.

Good Friday was observed only as the day of fasting and penance before. However, as per the Liturgy in orthodox Christians, the morning prayers of the Holy Friday usually start from Thursday Night. The service includes the reading of the twelve sections from the Gospels accounting the passion of Christ. Eucharist or Holy Communion service is not celebrated on this day but, at Vespers (the evening prayers), the re-enactment of the burial procession of Jesus is performed. Some Christians carry the cross in a procession around the church with lighted candles.

Roman Catholic Church however observes a three hours service from noon 12 to 3 PM of sermons, hymns and prayers.

To remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for the Christians, they observe fast and penance on Good Friday. Many Christians abstain from alcohols and luxury. On this day all around the world the Schools, colleges and Government offices remain closed and in most countries the Law declares a holiday. And in today�s world Christians and even non-Christians pray and share the sorrow of losing Christ on this Friday.

And whether you call it a Holy Friday or a Good Friday or by any other name, the day not only stands for the day of pain that Christ willingly took for his subjects, it also stands for the day of Victory over the wrongs and sins of the people which Jesus redeemed the world off with his sacrifice.

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