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Help your child learn math the easy way so that he doesn’t come to consider the subject as something that is intolerable and thus needs to be steered clear off. Furthermore, once the kids discover the inherent fun and wonder in maths, it will be all the more easy for them to progress on to the intricacies of advanced maths.

How To Learn The Basic Math Concepts

In order that kids learn to appreciate the nitty-grittys of math, it is essential that you teach them the subject in the context of “real-world” situations, so that they get the idea that maths has some use outside text books too. Furthermore, it has been scientifically proved that kids learn math best when they are required to use the concepts of maths to solve real-world problems.

For instance, you can teach your child all about counting with exercises like asking him to fetch “three” cups from the drawer or pick up “eight” peaches from the fruit bowl. This is far better than having him teach basic counting concepts from a book. Again, you can look to board games, preferably the ones with “backward” moves, to help your child learn the ins and outs of sequential mathematical operations.

Speaking of mathematical operations, you can also devise such innovative and engaging ways and means to guide your child when he is about to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

A merry round of games that will not only make for fun and frolic, but will also give the kids some intensive maths lessons.

There are also better alternatives than the textbook to help your child learn the tricky aspects of maths like decimals and fractions. For instance, you can take real life objects, say a cake or a chit of paper, divide them into halves and quarters and use these pieces to get across your instructions regarding decimals and fractions. Similarly, you can have your child to draw or model shapes to get a hang of geometry. In fact, handling the shapes will also teach him to distinguish between 2D and 3D objects.

There is a host of maths games on the Internet for you to download and let your child play them. These games are fun, interactive and educational and give your kids a good grounding in even the complex facets of algebra, coordinate geometry and the like.

When your child needs to learn math, it is imperative that he gets a proper guidance so that he can develop a love for the subject.

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