Martyrdom of the Bab

The Martyrdom of the Bab, the founder of the Babi and the forerunner of the Baha�i faith is observed on July 9, the day of the execution of the Bab. The day is mourned by Baha�is all over the world and commemorated as a Holy Day. It is observed by the Baha�is by suspending work on that day. The execution of the Bab or �The Gate� was carried out by the firing squad and remains one of the most dramatic stories of Baha�i history.

The Bab went against Islam and therefore was called a heretic. Ultimately, this led to his execution engaging 2 different firing squads before the final sentence of the Bab�s execution was carried out. The first firing squad failed due to the Bab disappearing into his cell to complete the work he had left unfinished. After finishing his work, the Bab returned to face the execution carried out by the second firing squad.

His Works

The greatest work of the Bab was the Bayan which was a replacement of the Muslim laws. The Bab also foretold of the advancement of Baha�u�llah, the next manifestation of God.

His Life

The Bab was gentle and kind in nature. When He declared his mission in 1844, he was only 25 years old. From the time He made the declaration He was tortured, imprisoned and ultimately was executed because of the claim He made to be a Messenger from God.

The Story of His Martyrdom

The guards took away the Bab�s green turban and the sash which revealed that He was a descendant of Mohammed. He was forced to walk to the barracks where He would be executed. The people flooded the streets to get a glimpse of Him.

A young man from the crowd fell at the Bab�s feet and implored Him to let him accompany Him, which the Bab allowed and named him �Anis�, which means �companion�. Two other followers also begged to accompany Him and they were all taken to the barracks and locked in a cell together.

Knowing that He would die, the Bab was filled with joy. On the next morning, when the Bab was speaking to His follower, He was interrupted and taken along with His follower Anis to the barracks square. They were tied with a rope and hung from a nail in the barracks wall. Watched by a great number of people, the Bab and Anis was shot by seven hundred and fifty riflemen in three lines.

After the shot, people found Anis smiling and standing beneath the broken rope. The Bab had disappeared and was later found in his cell finishing His interrupted conversation with His follower. It required the bringing of another regiment for their execution. The second firing squad fired at both Anis and the Bab with Anis resting his head on the Bab�s chest. After the shot, the Bab�s appeared to be unmarked and peaceful.

The Martyrdom of the Bab is one of the most important Baha�i Holy Days.

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