Math Activities

Children are not the only ones into Math activities, even grown-ups are fond of these activities though they are mature in nature. In fact most of the simple games played on computer follow the basic principles of the maths activity. These games are stimulating for the mind and also encourage us to think, and are therefore perfect for the mental growth and development of the tiny tots.

However, teaching math activities to your kids does not necessarily mean that you have to send them to any school. You could include these elementary games into your daily task and encourage your children to perform them. You have to make sure of one thing though that the children never realize they are chores!

One such activity amongst these games is taking objects of different shapes and hiding it in different places all over the house, but you have to know many there are. So that when your child finds them he/she can count them and collect them. This teaching method is very effective because children never consider it to be anything else than a game and unconsciously also learn in the process. These games being of interactive in nature helps in the child’s communicating ability.

There are many numeral activities and math games that children respond to; one such game, which you could devise, is to cut out big pieces of paper with large numbers written on it. You could then scatter the papers all round the room and make the children line up at the edge of the room. Now you could ask them a simple question like, “How many fingers do you have in one hand?” and the children have to go and sit down on the right numeral. The kid who is able to identify the right number first gets one point. You could continue the game with different questions.

Make small books for your child by sticking together 10 or 20 pieces of blank paper, make it attractive by covering it up with colored paper and give it a colorful name as well. Now ask your child to write down every thing that he / she has seen throughout the day with numerals for example, how many birds has he / she seen during that day. Let him/her take two adjacent pages and write the numeral on one page and draw the object, in this case the birds on the opposite page. In this way your child will learn on his/her own.

Math activities can be varied and can have different styles and completely depends on your imagination. The more you can invent and diversify the math activities the better it will be for your child.

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