Math Lesson Plans

Every subject requires some preparation for effective teaching and Math lesson plans are vital to that end. Many teachers make some common mistakes, though they may not lack in knowledge and education themselves. It’s all a case of lack of proper planning. In a Math class, this can actually make or break the students’ mathematical future, especially in the preschool and elementary school level when the foundation is being formed.

Some of the key issues that a teacher may overlook while making Math lesson plans:

Make sure that the students are ready for a new lesson plan. Do the groundwork before the actual course starts. This will help identify students who may be falling behind in certain basic concepts that may render even the simplest of problems difficult. This is your research work.

Clearly state the lesson objective, with an explanation of what the students must do to fulfill it. What you expect from students must be clear and to the point. Leave no room for confusion.

You should be equipped with all the necessary resources. For instance, if your Math class students don’t have all the tools of a geometry box, you must be aware of the situation and arrange for it.

You must be clear how to grade students and assess them. There must be a plan as to how you will determine that students have achieved a lesson’s purpose not just solved problems. If you can effectively get across this message to your class, they too would know how to achieve success.

Make sure your lesson plan is not tedious or repetitive. This may make students inattentive and uninterested. Students may even fail to retain the lesson learnt. Make your Math lesson plans are innovative and entertaining with games, visuals, charts, graphs, worksheets and use the new media like the Internet as well.

Make Math lesson plans that deliver to all types of students. Each student has his or her individual learning method. Some students learn better through visual demonstrations, while others learn by activities that involve them. Try to include a bit of everything in your teaching package. This is elementary to all Math lesson plans. For example, do some lecturing and note giving at the same time. Introduce some Math activity like games and puzzles involving fractions and decimals, or some group activity, occasionally.

Your lesson objectives must be realistic. You cannot expect students to master complex problems during a single class. You should keep re-examining the plans or find ways to tackle complicated concepts easily, keeping in mind the learning ability of the students of a particular grade.

Once you have addressed the above issues, you can also check out the popular Madeline Hunter Lesson Design Model. Madeline Hunter is a leading educational theorist and her direct teaching module is an 8-step lesson format. Her teaching model has also proved highly effective in creating Math lesson plans.

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