Naw Ruz

The Bahai New Year is called Naw Ruz. Naw Ruz is one of the nine Holy days of Bahai community. The event takes place in the VernalEquinox, on 21st March. It also marks the on set of Spring and the beginning of the Iranian year. The celebration of Naw Ruz also indicates spiritual growth and regeneration.

Presently, the Bahais are a popular independent religion across the world. They believe in one God, who has sent His message to people through His Messengers in different times. These Messengers include Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Christ and Mohammed. Baha’is belive that the Messengers for this time are the Bab and Baha’u’llah, who have brought the essential message of unity of mankind.

The origin of Naw Ruz is quite interesting. According to the Badi calendar, it is �Yamaullah� or the Day of God. Naw Ruz is also called Bab or the Day Of Point. It is also significant, for its association with the promised Messenger of Bab, whom God will make manifest.

The Festivities of Naw Ruz

Bahais go through nineteen day fast before Naw Ruz. On the bright morning of the Naw Ruz they break their fast.

The nineteen-day fasting is broken with a huge feasting. Baha’is all over the world celebrate Naw Ruz according to local customs. Iranian Baha’is usually celebrate with the customs of Persian New Year such as the Seven S’s and symbolic decorations used in Norouz, while in Western countries, they usually celebrate with a potluck dinner.

On the day of Naw Ruz people do not go to work. They pray and celebrate for the whole day. The Naw Ruz festivities are full of pomp and pageantry and it culminates with a grand dinner. There is a lot of music and dancing on Naw Ruz as both of these are seen as encouraged arts in the Baha’i Fath. It is also a season of sharing greetings and gift.

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