Nursing School Grants

One of the biggest challenges that many nursing students face each year is meeting the rising cost of nursing school. Each year, the tuition continues to rise and it becomes harder and harder to finance one’s education. Many students get student loans; however, the option of nursing school grants are also available. There are a few important things that students should know when applying for these grants.

Knowing How to Apply Will Increase Your Chances of Getting that Grant

Nursing school grants are gifts. This means that one does not have to repay them. These grants can come from the government or from various organizations within one’s community. Most grants are issued based on financial need and past successes. Therefore, it is important that one knows how to apply correctly for nursing school grants. The first step is to complete a FASFA form for the government. (FASFA = Free Application for Student Financial Aid). This important form is available in any financial aid office, in high school guidance counselor offices, at most libraries, and online. This form will help agencies determine if you qualify for nursing school grants. When completing the form you will need your social security number, past tax information, and other personal information. It takes about an hour or longer to complete the FAFSA form. It is very important that you provide correct and accurate information on the FASFA.

Incorrect or inaccurate information can lead to delay in processing your grant. Another thing to consider is the deadline for the FASFA. They must be completed accurately on or before the deadline in order to qualify for the grants. Once you have completed the FAFSA, you should then check the specific requirements that the issuing agency requires of all applicants. They may require a written essay, recommendation letters or proof of previous successes and involvement. The important thing is that you complete all forms and requirements within a timely manner. Doing so will ease the nursing school grants application process.

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