Psychology Degree

One of the least frequently glamorized degrees is the psychology degree. While law degrees are routinely made out to be the most desirable credentials – next to becoming an M.D. of course – a psychology degree is more often than not underestimated. Putting your psychology degree to work, against popular lore and stereotypical cartooning, does not require you to invest in a couch and “shrink” others head!

To learn about career options a psychology degree opens up, you do not have to look much further than the field of clinical psychology. Sure, you could go into private practice, but many degreed psychologists find it far more rewarding to take on work in areas where they can actively help those traumatized by certain life events, such as warm abuse, death, and divorce. Outpatient – as well as inpatient – counseling centers are populated with candidates who are putting their psychology degrees to work in this manner.

Yet it is noteworthy that the usefulness of a psychology degree does not end there. Privately owned companies and also public employers have seen the wisdom of having a trained counselor on their human resources staff and in addition to offering private counseling for employees, the services of these professionals have helped improve the work environments for legions of workers.

Advertising agencies have also found that there is a lot of value to having psychologists on staff who will provide that little edge to their campaigns that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to crafting a working ad campaign. Even car manufacturers are seeking out help from highly trained and degreed psychologists in an effort to find ways of making their offerings more appealing to a consumer group that is beginning to turn away from gas guzzling vehicles and clamoring for more environmentally friendly solutions.

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