Pyramids Giza

The most mysterious and alluring architectural wonders are the Egyptian pyramids. Giza, situated in the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt is the location of the one and only surviving edifice of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid. Giza was the necropolis of ancient Memphis.

History Of Pyramids Of Giza

There have been lots of speculations regarding the purpose of the Pyramids of Giza. Some theories put up by different Egyptologist schools relate the making of pyramids to geometric constructions by an ancient civilization, cult worship places, astronomic observatories and some even proposed extra terrestrial theories.

But the most prevalent theory supported by scientific and historical evidences is that the Great Pyramids were built to serve as the tombs of the mighty pharaohs of ancient Egypt. The three main pyramids are the tombs of Khufu, Khefre and Menkaure.

An Account Of The Great Pyramid

There is a misconception among people that all the three Great Pyramids adorns top places in the ancient list of wonders. Only The Great Pyramid of Khufu, also famous as the Pyramid of Cheops is on the top place in the list.

This pyramid was built around the year 2560 BC by Egyptian pharaoh Khufu of the Fourth Dynasty to serve as his tomb after his death.
How The Great Pyramid Was Built?

It is believed that it took 20 years to complete the Great Pyramid. First the spot was made ready, and then stone blocks were transported to the site and properly placed. Though even today it remains a mystery how the large stone blocks were placed. Several theories does the round regarding the placing process. One theory says that with long levers along with a short angled foot the blocks were placed. A second theory is of a spiral or straight ramp that was raised as the building of the structure continued. The next step-involved preparation of an outer case to smoothen the surface. When the Great Pyramid was built it was 481 ft high. The architecture of the Great Pyramid is credited to Khufu’s vizier Hemon.

The Structure Of The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is believed to consist 2 million blocks of stone each weighing more than two tons approximately. It is said that the Great Pyramid has room for the cathedrals in Florence and Milan, Westminster and St Paul in London and St Peter’s in Rome. The entrance is in the north. The King’s chamber is at the heart of the pyramid. The King’s sarcophagus and the interior walls of the king’s chamber are made of red granite stone.

Today, the Giza plateau hems in the Great Pyramid, the stunning Sphinx and the other pyramids. The museum here houses the mysterious Sun Boat, which was discovered in 1954. This boat is believed to be the vehicle, which carried the body of Khufu in his last journey before his burial in the pyramid.

The Great Pyramids of Giza were referred to as “ The Mountains of Pharaoh” and “ The Granaries of Joseph”. I can quote here Napoleon’s famous quote after his invasion of Egypt in 1798, “Soldiers! From the top of these Pyramids, 40 centuries are looking at us”

Throughout ages men have been stirred by the mystic of the ancient pyramids of Giza that embeds silent mystery in its heart.

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