Teaching Math

Do you know how important teaching math the right way is to a student’s mathematical future? Yes, it can make or break his maths IQ, more when it is associated with the feeling of fear that hampers learning. This is one subject that students either love or hate. Teachers, parents and tutors could guide kids through enjoyable means and change all that.

One effective way to teach maths is by doing it together. Don’t just hand your kid a long list of problems to solve and when he can’t solve them do not scold him. This will only make things worse. Make it fun, by handing him your customized telephone bill and asking him to add up the total. This will make him aware about the importance of maths in our daily lives and generate greater interest.

Make the maths lessons seem like a number game using things at hand that may be of interest to a kid. Maybe you can get a set of colored balls, number them and use them for all the mathematical activities. If you are too busy to guide your kid, look for a good tutoring service. However, make sure they do not just impart cut and dry maths lessons. Rather go for a tutor who makes learning creative and fun, even if he or she is relatively unknown.

Remember teaching math cannot end in school and tutorial classes. Guiding your child at home is very important and you must find some time for it, even if it is only in the weekend. For other times you could get your kid, a computer to play number games on or to surf the web for on-line maths tips.

This apart, you could introduce some other number games time to make maths more enjoyable to your little ones. Try some logic games like crossword puzzles, number sequences and logic grids. Then there are board games like Yahtzee, chess, backgammon, checkers, connect four and dominoes that go a long way to guiding a student’s maths abilities.

Play such games together as a family and turn it into a productive pastime for your kid when you are not around. This will also take care of his maths homework and when you get back home, you could do some checking. As a teacher, whether at home or at school, you should make teaching math a collective and creative experience.

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