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These are simple, fun activities you can do at home. They are especially suited to reluctant readers, but can be used with all beginners.
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Reading activities are vital for all stages of life, especially childhood. Actually, reading is the best way of acquiring knowledge and so children should be made to get into the habit of reading.

A popular reading activity for preschool / kindergarten children is to read to them. Reading aloud to children will help them grow familiar with sounds and vocabulary. After reading, ask your child simple questions like “If she liked the story and why?”, “Which character she liked the most?”, etc. to involve your child deeply with the reading activity.

Reading activities need not always be restricted within-doors and you can have your child read menus when you are in a restaurant, name objects when strolling in the supermarket, spell and read just about anything they come across when traveling in a car.

When your child grows a little old, build reading activities into a routine. A regular reading session, say for 30 minutes a day in the evening, with all family members gathered in the study will be sufficient to get your child hooked to books and magazines. Gift your elementary-level learner with books, magazines and other reading aids on a wide array of topics like entertainment, natural phenomenon, travel & tourism, sports, etc. imparting a level of understanding apt for them. This will firmly anchor their interest in reading.

This bespeaks of children who love to read or being read to. They are a great boon for the parents. Statistics, however, shows that this is true of only a handful of children. Restlessness is natural in children and the majority of them cannot be made to sit at a place for long to read (or be read to). In fact, many flee at the sight of books. Therefore, you need to plan fun-filled reading activities for such reluctant children – activities that do not revolve round textbooks only.

Picture puzzles, word and sentence games are so interesting that they simply work wonders even with the most unwilling readers, provided you turn them into engaging activities instead of monotonous assignments. For more excitement, you can make these group activities.

Start with picture games. These are perfect for kids. Make pairs of cards, one with the picture and the other with the word; ask the child to match words to pictures. Another interesting activity for kids would be to make them familiar with sounds (not just letters). Write down words in a flash card (choose words that the child already knows). Ask him to pick up and read out words beginning or ending with a particular sound. You may also ask him to choose similar sounding words, etc.

As your child grows older, you can plan word /sentence games. Write jumbled words and ask the child to re-arrange it. When the child is able to tackle words very easily, go for sentences. The child will initially make silly sentences. With more practice, the sentences will grow smarter. At this stage, you can also make use of picture collages. Make a collage and ask the child to compose a story on it.

These are only to list a few of engrossing reading activities and you can come up with lot many more. Nevertheless, if you really want to succeed with the reading activities, be sure to shower praises and amply reward children for their attempts.

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