Language Arts Games

If you want to add some fun to the language-teaching curriculum, there is no better way than Language Arts Games. To do this, all you need to do is find games that combine language art forms like novels, poetry, songs and others with some playful activities.

The language arts (also called English Studies at the college level) comprises of idiom-based art forms and are separate from performing arts, visual arts and culinary arts. However, there are interdisciplinary exchanges as many art forms can combine elements of language arts with various others.

Once English Studies are framed in a fun format they can be a helpful tool in teaching and honing various language-based skills like:

– Vocabulary
– Spelling
– Grammar
– Speech and terminology
– Pronunciation and intonation
– Hearing and rhetoric skills
– Discourse ability
– Assessment power
– Idiom-based experimentation
– Verbal communication and oratory skills
– Knowledge of the significance and meaning of language

How to choose the right activity for an English Studies?

The following points must be kept in mind while selecting suitable Language Arts Games:

  1. The purpose: The best guide while choosing Language Arts Games would be its objective, which could be initiating a topic, rehearsing a skill set or honing previous lessons.
  2. The number of students: The games must be manageable if the number is high.
  3. The size of the classroom: A bigger room means scope for more spread out activity.
  4. Classroom environment: The quality of students and their characteristics are also important in deciding on the type of game that can help them learn effectively.
  5. The duration of the class.
  6. Resources and tools available to impart the lessons.

Types of Language Arts Games

Whatever the types you choose, it is important to vary them in order to make the learning process attractive, motivating and entertaining. While there are some games for younger students, more advanced games are also effective for English Studies classes in both college and university level.

Some popular primary level modules:

– 2Bee or Nottoobee
– 2Bee and Queen Nottoobee
– Joining Dots
– What’s the word?

Higher activities include:

– Board games
– TPR and physical activity
– Interactive packages
– Tactic games
– Internet and computer packages
– Customized games
– Reading, writing and repetition-based Games

Thus, Language Arts Games are not only useful for preschool and school student, They are also handy for the college curriculum.

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