Mother Poems

Gift a bunch of hand written mother poems to your mother on this mother’s day and appreciate the spark in her eyes. You cannot ask for a better option to convey your genuine feelings for your mother, than the flowery lines and the well-knitted words.

Buy a mother’s day greetings card and pen down a few wonderful lines punctuated with your true feeling for your mother. However, for this job, you need to have a sense of creativity. If you lack the right instinct, then take help from the Internet. Hundreds and thousands of mother poems are hooked on the net. They reflect different shades of emotion. Nevertheless, the best option is to use your own feelings and keep it simple. Remember that your mother will not ask for more than just a few lines of your own.

Tips On Writing Mother Poems

To encourage children to write personalized mother poems is by using the interview process. Children of the same class should follow the “one and one” interview process, to learn more about the writing concepts. This will help the child to write words and keep tracks of ideas. The questions and the counter questions exchanged at the interview will enable the child to have a proper verbal brainstorming session, so that ideas can pour in while writing.

There are a few questions, which will help you to garner concrete information from a personalized interview. What is your mother’s name, what is the color of your mother’s eyes, your mother’s favorite color or flower, the favorite pastime of your mother, what your mother does every day in the morning and night, what your mother likes most and dislikes most – you should be acquainted with the answers of all these questions.

Not necessarily, the mother poems need to have rhyming ends at each sentence. However, if the child feels he can rhyme it, making the mother poems sound interesting and humorous. For the same, you can use the rhyming dictionary or the online resources to retrieve ideas. A delicate way of making the poem sound interesting is by applying “you love me even when i am naughty” tactics. Another tricky way of making the poem sound interesting is by using one single phrase as many times you want, thus emphasizing on one particular feeling.

Nonetheless, the best way to go about the mother poems is by the creative flair. Use your own ideas and concept to infuse your feelings with a touch of truth, which is stronger than any truth in the world. Taking a bit of idea from the net is not bad, especially when it comes to constructive writing.

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