Mom Poems

Mom poems are specifically those, which are meant for mother or someone close to a mother figure. Mom poems are meant to make the person concerned feel, all the more proud and special. With a poem, it’s time to strengthen your bond with your mother all the more.

Do you want to greet your mother specially, on mother’s day? If so then, why don’t you choose some fantastic words for her on the occasion? With the thing, which you have chosen to gift your mother on her day why, don’t you tie up a small greeting card with some beautiful rhythmic lines? You may fall short of words as not everyone can recreate Keats, Shelley or Wordsworth overnight. So just, go online and look for mom poems. Pick one among them, which well conveys your genuine feelings towards your mother.

However, it’s easy picking up a poem but why don’t you try and write something yourself. That will be more than a compliment for your mother. She will be just overwhelmed. Just try out something like this:

My mother is the reason of my life,
Only she gives me the strength to fight and survive.
Talk to her and she is always there,
Her aim is to lessen my pain and stay aware.
Even if she is not there, I can feel her,
Right in the middle of my heart, she is there forever.

If you really want your students to write, beautiful mom poems then you can make them go through an interview process to make the work done. Ask them a set of questions and they will come out saying flowery and loving things about their moms.

Questions for helping a child write mom poems

  • By what name do you call your mother?
  • What is the color of her eyes?
  • Do your mom have a particular body smell like that of perfume, grilled cheese or baby powder?
  • By what nickname does your mom call you?
  • Which flower your mom likes the best?
  • What do you enjoy doing the best with your mom?
  • What does your mom like doing the best?
  • What is the best thing you like about your mom?
  • How does your mom help you from morn until night?
  • Anything you do that your mom don’t appreciate.

In short, mom poems are not some bunch of words – they are continuous verbal flow of emotions from the child to the mother. Therefore, go through several mom poems and choose the one, which you think, would be the best to salute your mother in your own particular way.

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