Poems About Dogs

For owners who want to pay tribute to their dogs that has meant so much to them, writing brilliant poems about dogs can be bit innovative. People who want to sent sympathy cards or gift-baskets to grieving pet owners; these poems about beloved pets can prove very helpful. Over the years, there have been favorite songs about pets and beloved dogs but the introduction of poems about dogs has changed the whole scenario.

Where to find timeless poems about dogs

Though writing your own poetry may be the best way to pay tribute to your pet but somehow if you are running short of time do not worry! You can easily find some great poems about dogs on the Internet. There are websites that are dedicated to pets as well as these sites have a special category for writing the pet poems. You will find that many eminent writers have written many timeless poems about the death of dogs.

These beautiful poems about dogs on websites can be used as remembrances of your beloved pets. Many websites offer a place to post various special poems of renowned authors, so that others can glance through them easily. Moreover, you will find a large selection of copywrited poetry that can be used with the permission of authors.

A glance at some best dog related poems

  • Heaven’s doggy door by Jan Cooper
  • One man’s special tribute to a dog by George Graham Vest
  • Memories by John Gals worthy
  • The best place to bury a dog by Ben Lamp man
  • A prayer for animals by Albert Schweitzer

Some books related to dog poems

Owners want to pay tribute to their animals that have meant so much to them, but often they find it difficult to relate the right poems about the death of a dog. Even if you find surfing net very time consuming then have patience and glance at some poetry books related to dogs. These types of poetry books are sure to help the pet owners to find appropriate words for their pets. Look at the books dealing with poems about dogs:

  • Doggerel: Poems about dogs by Carmela Ciuraru
  • Dog poems by Dave Crawley
  • Animal blessings: Prayers and poems celebrating our pets by June Cotner
  • Curious Dog poems: by Tamara Petrosino

Remember writing poetry by yourself is the best way to pay tribute to your beloved pets. While writing poems about dogs, you must keep in mind that your poetry must not be difficult and it need not be rhymic. At the time of writing, forget anything that you think you know about writing poetry, just sit with your pen and paper and write down whatever is there in your heart. At the end of the day, it is only you who knows how much you love your pet.

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