Virtual Tours of History

Ancient Civilizations Tour
On this journey you will accompany a real family who toured historical sites in Egypt Greece and Rome in 1999. Read their journal entries, and look through their collection of pictures and films.

Take a virtual tour to the South Pole, via New Zealand, and Antarctica. Click on any thumbnail picture to see a bigger version. Stop off to buy special clothing, and you may even find time to sleep!

Climb Mount Everest from the base camp to the summit! You can choose between a shockwave tour and an HTML (no sound) tour. Both are interactive.

The Forbidden City
Visit the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, through this slide show presentation. You can jump about, by choosing a place on the map, or take the guided tour from the beginning to the end.


On the Prairie
Here you can explore the prairie and watch prairie chickens booming. There are also downloadable files for prairie activities and lists of prairies throughout the United States.

A Trip Through the Grand Canyon
Take a trip down the river, through the Grand Canyon. Choose the type of trip according to your connection.

Secrets of Pharaoh
Choose from three tours, all with 3-D graphics. They are spectacular but there are no photographs, all the pictures are graphical representations.

The Tower of London
Tour the Tower of London with a teenager who lives there. You can only tour the grounds, but there are interesting facts to learn about the buildings.

US Capitol Virtual Tour
Choose a bandwidth, and then take the tour. With each of the rooms there is a good description of its architecture and points of interest. There are also notes on historic events that occurred in each room.

US Civil Rights Museum
This tour depicts major events in the history of civil rights in the US. It is arranged chronologically. You may either pick a specific event or take the tour in order, by clicking on the link at the bottom of each page.


Virtual Field Trips
You may have difficulty deciding which trip to take from dozens of educational field trips, to suit all tastes. Each trip covers a single topic, which range from deserts and salt marshes, to volcanoes. Check out the ‘About Field Trips’ link before you start to get the best out of the experience.

Virtual Walking Tours of Ancient Rome
Try these two interesting tours of Ancient Rome, in slide show format. Quick loading, and easy to read, informative descriptions, make this a fun experience.

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