Algebra Math

Algebra math is one of the most interesting topics in mathematics. It is in fact one of the simplest forms of math, which students of sixth and seventh grade love to do. Algebra is known to be a branch of mathematics that deals with quantity, structure and relation. The name takes its origin from the treatise that was written by the famous mathematician of Persia, named Muhammad bin Mūsā al-Khwārizmī. He wrote a book that was titled by the name of Kitab al-Jabr wa-l-Muqabala. This book consisted chapters like quadratic equations, symbolic operations, linear equations etc.

Algebra is considered one of the most important sections of mathematics. It serves as one of the compulsory sections in secondary curriculum. Elementary algebra is taught among the students and it includes sums on chapters like addition, multiplication, variable concepts, polynomials, factorization, calculation of roots etc.

The Sections Of Algebra Math

The sections of Algebra math are quite different from other math chapters. The sums on algebra deal with symbols, variables, set elements etc. The applications of addition and subtraction are considered as general operations; on the other hand, the sums are related with rings, groups and fields. However, there are classifications among the categories of Algebra. They are as follows:

Elementary algebra – This branch provide students with real number system and mathematical equations and expressions.
Abstract algebra – It is also known as modern algebra that includes groups, rings and fields.
Linear algebra – It includes chapters like matrices as well as vector quantities.
Universal algebra – This branch of algebra math deals with number theory and algebraic geometry.

Algebra math also acts as a helping hand in enabling students to master the skills in trigonometry and calculus. Both calculus and trigonometry are complex topics therefore, you should learn and practice algebra regularly. If your child is keen on studying science and engineering in the future, learning Algebra math is quite essential for him. Often children find it difficult to tackle sums on calculus at a higher level. So always encourage your child in practicing sums on algebra as it has close association with that of Calculus.

Algebra has also certain sub-branches like Banach algebra, Topological algebra, Normed linear spaces, Hilbert spaces, Normed linear spaces etc. There are various algebra math books in the market, which you can provide to your child. Practice is very important, and so you should always motivate your child towards solving sums in algebra math.

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