Learn Spanish Words

Learn Spanish words – the ever-romantic language of the world. As you learn Spanish words, you must know that it is a language with its genesis in Northern Spain. More than 400 people speak Spanish language and it was one of the six official languages of the United States of America.

You can begin to learn Spanish words from the basic – like Por Favor which means please, adios which means good buy, buenos dias which means good morning, buenas tardes which means good afternoon and buenas noches which means good evening.

There are several courtesy Spanish words that you would surely be eager to learn, and these include gracias meaning thank you, disculpe meaning sorry and con permiso meaning excuse me. Moreover, you can also learn to interact and communicate with people with words like habla usted inglés – do you speak English, se – yes, no – no, no hablo español – I don’t speak Spanish and donde estas – where is?

Now, how would you count from zero to ten in Spanish? Very simple – zero is pronounced as cero, one as uno, two as dos, three as tres, four as cuatro, five as cinco, six as seis, seven as siete, eight as ocho, nine as nueven and ten as diez.

When you learn Spanish words, from the very basic it becomes easy for you to get a better grip over the language and thus you can communicate well with others. Just get on well with some selected phrases, which will put you on the right track, so that you can cope up with the language properly. Like when some one tells you thank you, you say you’re welcome in English. Similarly in Spanish, you say de nada. When you are in trouble, you can ask for help by saying “could you please help me” in English and in Spanish you say podria ayudarme?

Some more examples for you to learn Spanish words

  • No hablo espanol – this means I don’t speak Spanish.
  • Que hora es? – What time is it?
  • Hablo muy poco Espanol – I speak very little Spanish.
  • Habla usted Ingles? – Do you speak English?
  • Cuanto le debo? – How much do I owe you?
  • No entiendo – I don’t understand.
  • Podria repetirlo, por favour? – Could you repeat that please?

To speak Spanish there is no need for you to learn Spanish words as a whole. You just need to know 138 Spanish words at a functional and communicational level. When you ask someone’s name you say – Como te llamas (What is your name?). When you want to tell about your name you say mi llama (my name is). Floor in Spanish is known as piso, kitchen as la cocina and room as domitorio.

The style you follow for learning Spanish words, keep on changing according to your lifestyle. At times, it becomes difficult to learn Spanish words either due to the cost of the learning materials or lack of time. However, if you have that zeal and enthusiasm to learn Spanish words, you will surely master the language within a short period.

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