Math GED

Math GED is known to be one of the toughest math tests that one needs to clear. The GED tests are conducted on various types of subjects that include Language Arts Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, Language Arts Writing etc. However, among them the math GED test is considered the most difficult as one needs to master himself in mathematics before appearing for the exam. Clearing math GED test is not at all easy but if you have the confidence and proficiency in the subject, it is possible for you to get through. If you are aiming to go for the GED test, you should start preparing the subject in a systematic manner.

Numerous chapters are related with math GED test. They include operations, decimals, comparing fractions, percentage calculations, addition and subtraction related problems, multiplication and division related fractions etc. Furthermore, you have to sharpen yourself at solving equations, understanding angle relationships, internet bar graphs, multiple line graphs, calculation of simple interest, identifying points on a linear equation and a few more chapters.

Some of the most important areas of emphasis are unit measurements, thinking and reasoning, writing algebraic expressions, identifying patterns and ratio proportion. Practice more of bar graphs, equations on algebra, sums on ratio and proportion, slope of a line, sums related with discount and sales tax, mean median mode and circle graphs.

Mathematics GED test is taken in two parts that consists of twenty-five questions each. The total duration of the examination is forty-five minutes. The first part comprises of simple algebra and geometry, data analysis and basic numerical operations. You can use a scientific calculator for the first part but not for the second one. However, a scientific calculator will help you in coping up with big calculations within a very short time. It is quite different from an ordinary one and you need to know the important functions within the calculator that will help you to score more in the Math GED exam.

There are other options too, through which you can prepare yourself for the math GED test. Plenty of math books are available in the bookstores with excellent illustrations and examples. Libraries are the best place where you will come across various types of math books. Some of these books will provide you useful information and tips regarding the preparation of mathematics GED test. You can browse through the sites on the Internet that will help you to prepare for the test. There are many websites where you will find math programs from where you can gather much information on Math GED exam.

Often the students are worried about getting through a difficult exam like Math GED. Here are some of the steps that will surely assist you to score well in the examination. The steps for the Part I exams are as follows:

You should be aware of the type of calculator that you are going to be provided in the exam.
Regularly practice your sums with the help of the calculator that will help you to save time and pass in the test.
Go over the theorems on a regular basis and practice geometry.

Now, the steps for Part II are:

Practice your math sums with your pencil on a piece of paper because calculators are not allowed
Fractions, decimals and percents are the areas where students tend to lose points. So practice these thoroughly

Although it is not easy to pass Math GED, however if you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will definitely be a winner.

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