Math Tables

The secret of learning Mathematics is by having reign on multiplication Math tables. A child will surely excel in the subject, if she or he can learn the multiplication tables by heart. This helps in solving problems, involving the multiplication system.

How to help your child learn the Math tables?

Being the mentor, you should posses a systematic way of enabling your child learn the subject. Take out a print copy of all the Math tables from 1 to 10, if you think that your child should go slow about his learning pace. Then you can concentrate on tables from 11 to 20. Make sure that your child learn the whole line first, instead of in parts.

For example, make your child learn 2×1=2, 2×2=4, 2×3 =6 and so on. In this way, your child can pick up the learning process more conveniently. Usually the children write down 2s first and then ‘x’. This is a more elongated process and requires much of your child’s valuable time. Now, there is trick in learning 2×3=6. When your child learns this line, the number positioning gets registered on his mind. So, if you give him to fill in the blank, like 2x _ = 6, then automatically he will be able to fill in the 3.

Remember that, helping your child learn the Math tables, gives him a boost to pick up the new rules and techniques in the subject. Nonetheless, it requires regular memorizing of the tables, so that your child gains a better grip on the subject. Try to focus on one table per session and the slow and rhythmic process will get the table lodged in your child’s brain. Allot only 10 to 15 minutes for multiplication tables, everyday and in the long-run, your child will know tables better than you had expected.

After your child writes down the Math tables on the paper, let him or her read out what they have written. So, let your child practice the method repeatedly. Let him or her read and then write or continue the process for a longer period, then after a certain period of time he/she will have a better grip on it.

Since, Math tables are the steps towards building a stronghold on the subject therefore make sure that your child learns the tables first and then delves more into the complexities of the subject.

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