Social Science

Social science is a branch of study, which deals with varied human characteristics in a society. Generally referred to as “soft science”, the term applies to the logical and scientific interpretation of the humane society. It applies both the quantitative and the qualitative motifs in its interpretation of the various subjective, objective and structural study of society.

However, this subject is quite a contrast to the hardcore pure science aspects, as there is a prominent demarcation between the two. While pure science or natural science is predominantly engaged with the objectivity of the various aspects of nature, social studies largely deals with the subjective and inter-subjective facets of the natural objects. This sort of cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiry into the manifold social and environmental factors has led to an apparent blending of the so-called hard science and the soft or social science.

A few of the common examples of such an combination in the field of education, include, studies in neuropsychology, social studies of medicine, bioeconomics and the history and sociology of science.

Studying social science as one of the major subjects in high school or graduation is indeed a memorable experience. There are plenty of opportunities for those interested in doing research on facts and social affairs. Further, you can get an abundance of information and details on the subject from the Internet, which is always brimming with more information than ever.

If you are really, keen on taking the subject as a major in your undergraduate or graduate course, then this might prove a fruitful choice in long run. The students can also go for a doctorate in the same subject. However, it is necessary for the candidates to be well-versed with the many discipline of studies that come under the broad canopy of social science. It includes, Political Science Degrees; Law Degrees; Public Administration Degrees; History Degrees; Paralegal Degrees; Sociology Degrees; Criminal Justice Degrees; Public Policy and Administration (PPA) Degrees; Social Work Degrees; and many other Interdisciplinary Degrees. Besides all these, there are a number of short-term courses that can be done to get a degree or diploma in social science.

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