Medieval History

Castles for Kids Investigate this interesting perspective of life in a medieval castle. It provides information on structure, residents, knights, hunting, and royal feasts. Henry VIII and the Tudors Just how many wives did he have, and who were they? What sort of a person was he? Designed for 7-10 year olds, this site gives […]

Regional History

Africa African History Africa is made up of many countries, each with their own past. At this site you will find links to historical information on several specific African countries, as well as a general overview on African History. Colonial Africa This is a very well presented introduction to the history of colonialism in Africa. […]

US History

Meet the Daggetts Meet the Daggetts, a colonial family from the 1700’s. Find out about their life and the community they lived in. Abraham Lincoln This is a short biography of Abraham Lincoln. It includes such details as what was in his pockets when he died, his sense of humor and his childhood. Archaeology at […]

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations Virtual Museum This is a virtual museum created by Grade 6 at William Penn Charter School. The links will take you to China, Canaan, India, Mesopotamia, Mayan and African civilizations. The Ancient Aztecs This site is packed with interesting facts about the Aztecs. You can learn about their daily life, dress, religion, rulers, […]

Explorers Throughout History

The Age of Exploration Here you will find a description of what life was like on voyages of discovery. Near the bottom of the description there is a link to Marco Polo. Click this and you will find an index of explorers and associated people. This information is a little difficult to read in places, […]