Medieval History

Castles for Kids
Investigate this interesting perspective of life in a medieval castle. It provides information on structure, residents, knights, hunting, and royal feasts.

Henry VIII and the Tudors
Just how many wives did he have, and who were they? What sort of a person was he? Designed for 7-10 year olds, this site gives interesting facts about Henry VIII and his wives.

Janet’s Viking Web Site
Learn more about Viking ships, homes, warriors, gods and people.

Journey Through The Middle Ages
There are three different ways to view this site. You can play a game, simply wander through the castle or if you really want the facts, you can see the information pages.

Life in the Middle Ages
Step back in time to the days of imposing castles, knights in armor defending the kingdom, and noblemen ruling over the serfs. This looks at life in the Middle Ages.

Medieval Madness
In this project for kids by kids students have searched for the best reference sites on varied topics relating to the Middle Ages. They have then put together open-ended questions to answer.

Medieval Village Life – An Interactive Lesson
This Interactive lesson teaches about feudalism and life in a medieval village. With each step there is an interactive quiz to check your understanding.

Middle Ages Exhibit
What was it like to live in the Middle Ages? Explore feudal life, the towns, churches, homes, clothing, health, arts and entertainment of this period. The exhibit is clear and easy to read, but there are very few illustrations.

Tales From Camelot
At this site, written by kids, there is a collection of stories about Camelot, written as if the characters are telling them. It gives an interesting look at some of the better-known knights from the stories of King Arthur and the Round Table.

The Tower of London
Tour the Tower of London with Reginald Raven, who lives there. This site is especially for kids and gives lots of interesting details about the Tower and what went on there.

The Vikings
Who were the Vikings, where did they go and why? Learn about their religion and their settlements. Although the information is primarily aimed at 7 and 8 year olds, links are included for older children.

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