Earth Day Activity

You probably are one amongst those who care about the environment, and would like to engage yourself in some sort of Earth Day Activity, but don’t know how to start and what to do. Now you’ll have a wide range of programs, you can do on the Earth Day with kids.

  1. Re-use the junk materials – Have you finished eating the peanuts? then you can decorate the wrapper beautifully and use it as a bag. The leftover aluminum cans can be used as a pencil holder. It has really become necessary to use items wisely and one of the options is to re-use them. Kids must be encouraged to use recycled materials.
  2. Plant a tree – The very apt thing you can do on the Earth Day. If you are a school teacher buy trees from the National Arbor Day foundation, and plant them in honor of each kid. This will boost children to plant more trees in their locality. ‘Plant-It 2000’ is a non-profit tree planting organization. For every 5 dollar you contribute to this forum, a tree will be planted. Try out projects where the main agenda would be to clean your school, community or any other area. The program should be made in such a way so that it goes for a longer period of time.
  3. Earth Day Groceries Project – Earth Day awareness can also be increased by making special earth day bags for supermarket. School kids particularly should be engaged in the activities of decorating it and subsequently they’ll be handed to the shop owners.
  4. Information quickie – An interesting activity for school children. Tell them to fold a sheet of paper into four equal squares, and then label each square with one of the headings such as bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and laundry. In each square, students should write two energy-saving tips related to that room.
  5. Group Discussion – No conclusion can be drawn without a group discussion. By this program you can make the kids visit the EPA’s recycle city website. Then divide them in to small discussion groups, and let them talk about the different ways of recycling materials such as milk cartons, glass jar, cardboard box, newspaper etc. After this pull back the smaller groups into a bigger group and let them share the ideas so that the best ones can be picked.

Earth Day Activity can turn out to be an exciting combination of fun, knowledge and doing our bit for the environment.

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