Outdoor Earth Day Programs

April 22nd is knocking at your door, and you haven’t yet decided as to how you will celebrate the Earth Day? Well, this section whole-heartedly will give you loads of ideas on Outdoor Earth Day Programs, which will not only make your day memorable but will also give a feel good factor. So here goes a list of different Outdoor Earth Day Programs

  1. Dirty Socks Contest: This contest is all about letting people know how auto emissions affect air quality and creates air pollution. This is generally held in a parking lot. The contestants will put the socks at the exhaust’s mouth while the engine of the car is run for 30 seconds. The one with the dirtiest socks will get a free car tune up and the contestant with a clean sock will win a prize.
  2. Build a Life-sized Sculpture: This is quite an interesting activity where you’ll be using recycled materials. Tell the people in advance, around two months prior to the Earth Day of your community to collect newspapers, aluminum cans, plastic jugs etc. And each one of you after collecting the stuff, draw an outline of your body on the ground with chalks and fill it with the materials you’ve collected. It definitely wouldn’t look that good as you are actually, but a sculpture of yours is surely not a bad idea either!
  3. Grocery Bags on Earth Day: This particular program had previously gained lot of popularity. So it’s worth mentioning. Each school student decorates a paper bag from local store with a picture of earth on it, with catchy slogans inscribed such as Re-duce, Re-use, Re-cycle, treat the earth well etc. After it is decorated you can return it to the store and the shoppers will distribute it accordingly.
  4. Food Festival: Since food festivals always draws large number of people, why not celebrate the earth day with food related programs. Representatives from natural and organic food network can help people know the environmental and health impacts of our food choices. Try and contact local food restaurants, nutrition groups and organic food suppliers who’ll set up vegetarian fares. This will be an opportunity to raise awareness and educate the community about the global and individual effects of food-related personal habits.

With all these innovative programs you might not instantly achieve a pollution free clean environment. But doing your bit is the utmost necessity, and that’s what Outdoor Earth Day Programs are all about. So are your Earth Day celebrations going to be a hit?

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