Earth Day Activity

You probably are one amongst those who care about the environment, and would like to engage yourself in some sort of Earth Day Activity, but don’t know how to start and what to do. Now you’ll have a wide range of programs, you can do on the Earth Day with kids. Re-use the junk materials […]

Earth Day Celebrations

The idea of Earth Day celebrations go back to the time of 1840s when Nebraska was a territory with very little vegetation, few trees to build homes and burn as fuel. It was during that time when J Sterling Morton and his wife moved to this area and planted trees to help revive the barrenness […]

Earth Day History

What do you know about Earth Day history? Do you know how it came about and who is the founder of this special day? And if these questions remain unanswered then you should make an effort to know the past. If we take a walk down memory lane we will find that the concept of […]

Earth Day Lesson Plan

April 22nd is Earth Day and it definitely requires a concrete and elaborate Earth Day Lesson Plan. After all, you celebrate Valentines Day with roses and heart-shaped cookies, religiously keep Friendship Day and plan a bash for your boss on Boss Day even when you are cursing him at his back. Then why should Earth […]

Outdoor Earth Day Programs

April 22nd is knocking at your door, and you haven’t yet decided as to how you will celebrate the Earth Day? Well, this section whole-heartedly will give you loads of ideas on Outdoor Earth Day Programs, which will not only make your day memorable but will also give a feel good factor. So here goes […]

Earth Day Crafts

Earth day is an occasion to ponder over problems like environmental pollution and animal species extinction. Children can be made aware of their roles and responsibilities through Earth Day crafts and similar activities. Most people celebrate April 22nd as Earth Day whereas others celebrate it on vernal equinox. A few crafts for your children to […]

Earth Day Ideas

You should start formulating your Earth Day ideas from today. There are many who celebrate Earth Day to express their environmental concerns and commitments. Have you ever asked yourself what you do on Earth’s Day? If you are running on an empty mind then I must suggest that it’s time to give something back to […]