Earth Day Celebrations

The idea of Earth Day celebrations go back to the time of 1840s when Nebraska was a territory with very little vegetation, few trees to build homes and burn as fuel. It was during that time when J Sterling Morton and his wife moved to this area and planted trees to help revive the barrenness of Nebraska territory. And with the inhabitants of that place Morton decided to announce April 10 as a day to plant trees. Though the date was later changed to 22nd April, the day Morton was born. This was history and with this started the concept of planting trees.

Earth day activities today are not restricted to just planting trees but also critical emphasis is given to the environment. On 22nd April 1970 around 20 million Americans observed Earth Day, most of the attendees were students. The American public was made aware of the consequences of destroying earth’s natural resources through pamphlets and speech.

In 1980, Earth Day Celebrations were revived with “nationwide commemorations of a decade of environmental concern.” There were many positive signs observed with the kind of awareness raised previously.

Again in 1990, Earth Day was celebrated with equal splendor. People from all walks of life had gathered in the mall center of Washington D.C to see the activities of the Earth fest. Musical programs on Earth Day were conducted. Celebrities attended it too, who spoke about what Americans can do to recycle waste materials. Conservation allies told the masses about rain forests. It was clarified that how destruction of the environment such as felling of trees, industrial smoke and pollution can affect the mother earth.

The earth will continue to generate resources as long as we are here. But simultaneously we must also have the conscience to use it effectively, so that the irresponsible activity of ours doesn’t harm the environment. You can make Earth Day Celebrations creative and informative for you and for people around you. Infact all individuals and organizations have the mutual responsibility of making this world a better place to live.

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