Earth Day Ideas

You should start formulating your Earth Day ideas from today. There are many who celebrate Earth Day to express their environmental concerns and commitments. Have you ever asked yourself what you do on Earth’s Day? If you are running on an empty mind then I must suggest that it’s time to give something back to Mother Earth in whichever way you can.

Events in form of fairs, parades and festivals are a common sight on this day of celebration. The clean-ups begin a week or month before the event. The fairs are generally held outdoors where the exhibitors perform some kind of educational exhibit. And along with some fun, food and entertainment it turns out to be a festive yet an educational day.

You can either go in for a letter-writing table and issue sample letters or sell postcards or pre-stamped envelopes, stamps and collect postcards or letters to be mailed. Welcoming petitions is also a good idea. What it does is that it creates a platform for everyone to voice his or her opinions. How about writing an earth day article for your school or the group newsletter. You must also make sure that you prepare a computer e-mail list for the event announcements, notices of public hearings and environmental alerts.

Interestingly, you can also form a council of all beings where each participant would wear a mask of a tree, rock, creature etc. They shall all converge into a circle and each one shall speak for their being. The individual speaks on behalf of the being about the contributions it made to the environment and how it feels about being one’s own self.

The idea of distributing environmental hero awards is a great one. It would be best to hand out certificates and plant trees for the victors. And it couldn’t be better if you arrange a fund-raiser. You can make the Earth Day more eventful and effective if you plan an outline contest. It is quite an activity and involves plays, posters, songs, essay, slogans and themes, poetry, photographs, art, public service announcements, etc.

The best part about the Earth Day celebration is that it can help evaluate the past year’s progress in all round aspects. Moreover public officials and common masses can be invited to put forward their comment and rate the city on its green spaces, air, water, transportation, recycling, handling of harmful waste and toxins, etc.

Remember the earth is our living place and hence it’s our own responsibility to preserve it to the fullest. These above-mentioned Earth Day ideas can help you achieve what you precisely should.

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