Chokky Bikkies – Looking at Fair Trade
Find out more about fair trade and the production of chocolate in Ghana. After you have read about fair trade, click on the chocolate bar to take the quiz. Can you work out who gets the most?

Cool Bank for Kids
Links, the dog, and his friends explain banking in terms suitable for grades 3-5. Just click on anything in Links’ backyard and get information on banking matters.

164 Currency Converter
This currency converter lists and exchanges all 164 world currencies.

Join Mega Money, his horse, Bill, and dog, Dollar, on a tour through Econopolis. Start by learning about barter, and end with goods and services. There is a small quiz at the end of each page to check your knowledge and understanding of the lesson.

A History of Money
From wampum, shells used for barter, through the different forms of paper currency, this is a short history of money in the United States.

The History of Money
What purpose does money serve? Find out why people stopped bartering and switched to money instead.

MoneyCents: Making Money Make Sense for Kids
How kids can earn, spend and even save money, plus interesting facts about money.

The US Mint Kids Site
Learn about the history of coins, and find out how the Mint makes money. Visit an online clubhouse for kids and teachers. Find games, lesson plans, project ideas and more.

United States Treasury Currency Information
Did you know that the US Treasury used to print a $10.000 bill? Find out all about US paper money, what bills are still printed and what they look like.

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