Easy Projects

Build A Volcano
Here you can chose from a very simple model, to a complex electronic one. There are clear instructions given for each. Let’s get busy!

Clay Seals
Find out how to make a clay seal. Make one and try it out. Compare your seal with that of a friend. How different are they?

Make a Civil War Drum
During the civil war young boys used to carry drums. Read a bit of background history and then click on the link. You will be taken to a page of simple directions for making your own drum.

Make Your Own Weather Station
First make a weatherproof box. Next, make all the instruments to put in it, following the very simple instructions, and using readily available objects. Finally, keep a weather journal, showing your findings.

Make Your Own Compass
Find out why we need compasses, and then make your own. This is a very simple project, but fun to do.

Make Your Own Fossils
Although real fossils take millions of years to form, you can make your own in a few minutes.

Make Your Own Sundial
Enter coordinates for your location and the computer will generate a template for your very own accurate sundial. Download the template and away you go.

Make a Thunderstorm
This site has instructions for making just about every kind of weather. Try the thunderstorm first, and then have a go at the lightning and even a tornado. Do the experiments in order, so that you can understand how they work.

Mummy Crazy
Make your own life size mummy. There are very simple instructions to follow and links to mummy galleries made by Grade 6 students.

Weather Experiments
Lots of weather experiments for 8 year olds. The topics covered include how to weigh air, how to keep paper dry under water and even how to measure relative humidity.

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