Fun and Games

Earth to Kids There are a number of different puzzles here for you to try. There are word searches and quizzes, all to do with the environment. How much do you know? Egyptian Name Translator Type in your name and see what it looks like written in hieroglyphics. Find the State Can you identify all […]

Easy Projects

Build A Volcano Here you can chose from a very simple model, to a complex electronic one. There are clear instructions given for each. Let’s get busy! Clay Seals Find out how to make a clay seal. Make one and try it out. Compare your seal with that of a friend. How different are they? […]


Chokky Bikkies – Looking at Fair Trade Find out more about fair trade and the production of chocolate in Ghana. After you have read about fair trade, click on the chocolate bar to take the quiz. Can you work out who gets the most? Cool Bank for Kids Links, the dog, and his friends explain […]

Current Events

Channel One News You can find everything you want right here, with up-to-date current events for kids. There are main International news features, headlines, quizzes and polls, plus archived stories. Children’s Express Top news stories for kids are presented here, written by kids. Earthweek This site gives a weekly journal of the most important world […]

World Cultures

Aboriginal Awareness Learn about Canada’s original inhabitants. The way they live, how they helped the first settlers in North America, and much more. AfroAmerica Kids Zone Discover the culture of Africa, play games and read about African myths and fables.     Cultural Connections Find out what life is like in some other countries around […]

Civics / Government

Government Around the World Explore government and civics for kids. Learn about governments and how they work, both at local and national level. Ben’s Guide to US Government for Kids This site covers civics, broken down into age appropriate categories K-12. There is even a section for parents and teachers. Check out the links to […]