Elementary Math Help

Though Susan was faring exceptionally well in all other subjects, her class teacher Elizabeth suggested that she would require elementary math help. Elizabeth suggested that a little extra care early on could solve Susan’s mathematical problems forever.

A 3rd and 4th grade student just needs to know his addition, subtraction, some multiplication, division and measurements. To begin with, a little homework done everyday can go a long way to develop his or her numerical skills. Tell your kid that maths is not just about scoring well in exams, but has a great importance in everyday life.

Involve him, by making him do a bit of adding and subtracting with the changes when you are out getting grocery. That would also make him understand the importance of math in everyday life. Later it would bear fruit in class.

At home, do not overburden you child with too many lessons either. In the 3rd grade, your kid should be able to multiply and divide numbers up to 7, while in the 4th he or she must be at ease with numbers up to 10. A fun filled way to initiate your kid in his elementary lessons is through computer programs and games.

It worked wonders with Susan and improved her concentration as the music, colors and the playful act made mathematics a truly enjoyable experience. Such encouraging ways to learn can also reduce any fear associated with the subject and ensure quicker learning in class and greater interest in homework.

At the end of the 3rd grade and beginning of the 4th, your kid must be able to work on numbers up to 10,000, should be able to multiply and divide numbers up to 10 and must know the basics of decimals to the hundredths place and know some fractions.

You must also guide your child about the use of inches, yards, miles, millimeters, centimeters and kilometers with tips from everyday life. Help him with measurements, the basic idea of mass and volume, some geometry, probability and a little of graph. Most importantly, he should be able to make changes and add money for daily transactions.

Another tip for parents, who are worried about their kid’s homework, is to look for a tutoring service. It will make sure that he is not losing out even if you are too busy and will ensure some personalized attention.

Remember, only you can be the best guide for your kid’s numerical abilities. Elementary math help begins at home and that is where your kid’s mathematical future begins.

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