Help With Fractions

A regular help with fraction forms an integral part of math tutoring programs. Of all the children struggling with their math problems, for more than half fall in a gray area. And this is a fact that is acknowledged by academicians, teachers, parents and of course, the students disturbed by the fraction.

Tips to help students with their fractions should address the problem areas of equivalent fractions, arranging fractions in ascending or descending order and or course, the fundamental notion that the symbol for the fraction actually denotes a single number.

Knowing how to add, subtract, multiply or divide isn’t the be-all and end-all of maths. Not grasping the basics of fractions fully is the root of many a high-level math problem that your kid might face in the future.

Tips to overcome the fraction fear don’t require you to put in any Herculean effort. In fact, what you do for your other subjects will suffice here as well. The oft-advised tip regarding coping up with fractions is to take down copious amounts of notes in maths classes.

It is true that children tend to wrinkle up their noses at the mention of note taking. But they need to be made aware that these notes complete with the maths problems done in the class, the procedures followed and the particular formulae used, would serve as a handy future reference. These notes would not only help in recapitulating before the maths examination but will also help in their homework.

As you guide your child through the rigors of fractions, infuse in him the habit of referring to the maths textbook and the particular instructions provided with a sum.

In a time-bound classroom setting, the tutor can only demonstrate a few problems and at most one procedure to solve them. The textbook will guide the student with a variety of procedures so that he can choose what suits him best. With a math textbook handy he will be also getting some valuable guidance with the numerous examples contained in it.

Additional help with fractions come by the way of the numerous well-illustrated websites. These online maths resources come with a variety of mathematical examples and procedures so that your kid not only learns a lot of new techniques of getting around fractions, but he also receives invaluable guidance in completing his assignments. Besides these colorful websites with their 2/3s and 7/2s dancing around take the fear factor out of fractions.

The Internet is replete with websites offering games and puzzles of fractions to stimulate the young minds. And children love nothing more than having a spot of fun.

And talking of fun, you too can infuse some fun in the lessons as you guide your child through the intricacies of fractions. For instance, instead of saying something as staid as, “the value of a fraction is less than 1”, provide examples like half a cake or one-third pizza. After all, your kid is anyway used to fighting with his sibling over the bigger piece of chocolate.

Tips regarding help with fraction rest at various quarters and it is up to you to harness them.

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