Subtraction Worksheets

If you were weak in math as a student and do not want your child to be weak in it too, then you can take the help of math worksheets like subtraction worksheets. The free and printable worksheets come with solutions to the mathematical problems, giving the kids good practice on sums for excellent memory function.

The subtraction worksheets have sums from ‘0-0′ to ’20-10’. Therefore, in total, there are 11 pages of sums and each page has 22 sums. Now, isn’t that a lot of sums for the small child? Hence, it is important not to overburden your child by expecting to get the whole stack of sums completed in a single day. It will be rational to get the child workout a single page of sums each day.

Subtraction Worksheets & Their Use

Like the three addition worksheets, there are three subtraction worksheets in Math Worksheets. There are some worksheets that have addition and subtraction exercises all placed together, under one head; this last category of worksheets is a special one that has the sums organized into the groups of four. For instance, a child learns to add the numbers 3 with 8 and 8 with 3, and gets the same result. Similarly, the child works out subtractions like 11-3 and 11-8 to find out the relation.

After the child has sound knowledge of the normal subtraction process, take your child a step further and practice the binary subtraction or may be, subtraction of any other bases. It is always best to opt for the finger method. When your child starts to learn subtractions, it is advisable to begin by teaching subtraction on the fingers. Small subtractions like 10-7 can be easily counted on the fingers. Only after the child has mastered this form of counting, must you shift to larger numbers like subtracting 9 from 36. With this, the child will learn the borrowing method.

You can really depend on the subtraction worksheets for practice. Beside the worksheets, you can also take the help of subtraction games and subtraction lesson plans. They make practical sense and make subtraction sums fun.

If you have still not introduced your child to subtraction worksheets, do so now and see the difference it makes.

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