Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are most kids’ favorite pastime. Merrily equipped with their set of pencils, crayons or watercolour, they love dabbling with their vibrant imagination. What’s more, this is a great way for parents to keep their children occupied while they go about their errands.

In preschool, coloring sessions are also an essential part of the curriculum. To add more variety to this activity, both teachers and parents can download printable coloring pages from various Internet resources.

Moreover, many of the sites offer such facilities free. Neither do you require paid membership of the website nor are there any download charges. You can simply print as many pages as you want to add more fun to the kids coloring classes.

These websites also provide additional features like downloadable and printable posters, flash cards, hobby worksheets and links to associated educational topics, activities and other creative tools. Most of these web sheets require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, don’t worry if you don’t have this software. You can easily download your free copy of it from All you need to do is install it on your computer.

Teachers and homeschoolers can also easily avail of these pages. A word of caution, do not place any of this coloring page in any other collection either for sale or even free distribution (separately or as a collection) without a precise written consent from the websites you avail.

The advantages of using web coloring pages:

  • All parents and teachers will swear by the word that one of the best ways to keep their kids entertained and involved is with coloring crafts. Moreover, with the computer, Internet and the printer at hand there is no end of adding details and variety to this activity.
  • This page can also be used for educational purposes, as a part of a specific curriculum. If you add more spice to these sheets with children’s favorite cartoon and Disney characters, they entertain and effectively educate in a classroom. They also help develop cognitive and developmental skills through the hand-eye synchronization, picture and colour conception and co-ordination, decision making etc. involved in such activity.
  • They are an added asset during coloring contests.
  • Encourages the creative and artistic aptitude of your kid.
  • A great way to initiate children to the world of the Internet and modern technology.
  • Can help children gather more information and add to their general knowledge while using the Internet.
  • When you have a coloring book crunch, such sheets can bail you out in a jiffy and your kids don’t get a chance to complain either. All you need to do is go on-line and downloads loads of these wonderful coloring pages.

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