Kids Arts Crafts

Kids arts and crafts are a good way of keeping your kids away from mischief during holidays. Constant monitoring is impossible as they are inventive enough to find ways of venting their wild spirits. It is this innate creativity of the preschoolers and toddlers, which needs channeling into useful activities.

Enroll your darlings in short duration kids arts, crafts and creative courses where they are taught to use their minds to generate innovative ideas. For kids arts and craft are mainly about ideas. The concept of kids arts and crafts is based on providing the child with a stimuli which they find interesting and challenging and not boring or difficult to understand.

They will learn how to make new things out of things commonly found in the house. This would encourage them since a sense of achievement is attached to creating new things.

These courses can go further than that. Such activities can enhance their creative thinking and learning abilities, skills that would stand them in good stead in the future at any age. At the end of the day it should be all about play, fun and enjoyment for children while at the same time fostering their personal growth.

Points to remember

Don’t give the kids any objects to create. Kids lack the foresight to see what they would be making. Focus more on the play and experimentation that leads to the creation. All their senses should be involved to give them new sensory experiences and help them learn about causal relationships.

Use concrete props and visual aids as teaching tools to develop their cognitive skills and for clearer understanding.

Keep your instructions short and use plenty of action and words. Select a student from the class who can demonstrate to the kids what you have instructed and be able to act out the scenario you are trying to present.

Avoid discussions on topics and people or using objects they are not familiar. To make it easy for the kids keep the topics and objects within their range of experiences.

Avoid too much use of workbooks and writing. Allow them full play using clay water and sand to encourage physical manipulation.

Discuss with the kids the sensations felt while manipulating these objects. Such crafts will give the children a chance to move towards the two-way logic needed in the next stage of development.

It is necessary that you take the children for field trips and discuss with them what they are eating and tasting, drinking and seeing.

Ideas for children’s arts, crafts and other creative things

There are a plethora of ideas, which include making paper toys, collage, spray painting, drawing and candle making. They can be taught to make cute wall hangings, fleece pillows and jewelry boxes. Even basic skills like sewing and knitting can be taught in kids arts, crafts and painting classes.

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