Day of Covenant

The Day of Covenant, is a day of reflection for the Baha�is. The Covenant is the uniting force of the Baha�i faith. It is the agreement through which the Baha�is on turning towards an appointed successor will receive constant divinely ordained guidance. The Baha�is offer their thanks to God for His constant guidance extended to Humanity. Actually, it is the instructed day of Abdu�l Baha, the son of Baha�u�llah, to be commemorated as the day of the Centre of the Covenant�s appointment.

This is observed as a Holy Day by the Baha�is and is held annually. The Day of Covenant was created by Abdu�l Baha on the request of the Bahaais of America in the early 1900s, who were keen on celebrating his birthday. Now, Abdu�l Baha was born on 23 May, the day of the Declaration of the Bab (another Holy Day of the Baha�is). He felt, that day belonged particularly to the Bab and therefore he chose another date, 26 November to observe the Day of Covenant.

Bahaullah�s oldest son, Abdul Baha was Bahaullah�s appointed successor or the center of Baha�u�llah�s Covenant along with His followers. He was also the authorized Interpretor of His Father�s Writings and was also the perfect example of His Father�s Teachings. In a contrast to the other Baha�i Holy Days, this day does not demand refrain from work and neither is it compulsory to celebrate the day.

Though Abdu�l Baha is no Prophet in His own right, such is His distinction that His writings are a vital part of the Bahai Holy Writings. The Baha�is revere Him as the �Master�. Abdu�l Baha did not want this Holy Day to be suspended from work as He never wanted to be on an equal level with Baha�u�llah. Moreover, He considered Himself to be His Father�s servant.

The greatness of Abdu�l Baha lies in the fact that He never sought honor for Himself, nor did he wish to achieve glory, but He always wished to be known as His Father�s servant. His name, Abdu�l Baha also implies �the servant of Baha�.

The Day of Covenant is a celebration of Abdu�l Baha�s life, but in a deeper sense it depicts the celebration of the establishment of the Covenant of the Baha�u�llah. The day marks a greater emphasis on the promise made by Baha�u�llah to His followers that in exchange of their obedience, He would ensure them their unity and also establish the Kingdom of God on Earth through them.

Baha�u�llah commanded His followers to turn to the Center of the Covenant, which is represented by Abdu�l Baha, after His death. Therefore, the Master and the Covenant are inseparable and a celebration of one will automatically be a celebration for the other also.

However, in the Bahaai faith, the Day of Covenant and the anniversary of the Passing of Abdu�l Baha are the only two Holy Days when work is not required to be suspended.

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