Laylat el Qadr

Laylat el qadr or the �Night of Power� is observed as one of the last concluding days of the Ramadan. It is celebrated on a day which is odd numbered, like the twenty third, twenty fifth or the twenty seventh.

The night of the Laylat al-Qadr is the holiest night of the holiest month for the Muslims. It recalls the night when God Himself sent the Quran down from Heaven right into the souls of His Prophets. The Quran was then recited to Prophet Muhammad in extracts by the angel Gabriel for a period of more than twenty years.

Worshipping the Almighty, during Laylat al-Qadr is equal to worshipping for a thousand months. The commemoration of this holy night requires constant purification and prayer, hoping that the good worshipper will one day receive the very presence of God at this night.

How is Laylat al Qadr Observed?

The devotees observe the entire month of Ramadan by fasting, reciting the Quran, praying and divulging in charity. Muslims try harder to seriously worship Allah in the last ten days of the Ramadan as any odd numbered date during that time could be the Laylat al-qadr.

On this holy night, the Muslims make an extra effect to stay awake and pray all the night in order to receive whatever they ask for on this night. Some Muslims may also stay in the mosque for the ultimate ten days of the Ramadan for remembering Allah. During this Retreat or I�tikaf, the devotees are provided with food and other essential needs.

The Date of Laylat el Qadr

All the Muslims know that Laylat al qadr occurred during the last third of the month of Ramadan, but they have different conceptions about the accurate date. The Sunnis consider it to fall on the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or the 29th of the month of Ramadan. On the contrary, the Shi�as believe it to occur either on the 19th, 21st or the 23rd of the Ramadan, though the 23rd is considered to be the most appropriate date by them. Traditionally, most Sunnis celebrate it on the 27th night. As there is a lot of confusion regarding the date, the Muslims are required to observe all the odd numbered dates of the last ten months.

Muslims believe that when one observes the Laylat al-Qadr, his or her sins will be erased and the person will be reborn. The Muslims believe that their previous sins will be forgiven if they observe this day.

It is a popular Muslim belief that the Lord has not revealed the exact date of Laylat el qadr, as He wanted the Muslims to worship Him sincerely during the whole month of Ramadan.

Though the followers of the satanic innovations believe that the exact date for the Night was known but God caused it to be forgotten, it is found that the true Muslims never doubt their God and believe that God did not omit anything that he knew of from His authentic Hadith.

It is an interesting fact that God mentioned Laylat al Qadr three times in His Hadith, in a phrase that has 9 Arabic letters. The hint was that Laylat el qadr was on the 27th night of the Ramadan, as 9 multiplied by 3 gives 27.

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