School Uniforms Arguments Against

The debate on school uniforms continues. Often debated in the United States, UK, and various countries of the world, School uniforms are no longer viewed as symbol of discipline and pride. Great Clothes for Great Kids
The whole academia is divided on the issue; public and experts are on contradicting lines. The advocates of school uniforms offer a number of arguments for school uniforms, but the opponents offer a number of school uniforms arguments against. There is a battle of words going on school uniforms. The school uniforms arguments against – are neither completely nor completely wrong.

The militia of opponents has numerous school uniforms arguments against school uniform system. One of the oppositions’ major school uniforms arguments against is that school uniforms contravene the right to liberty and self expression. According to opponents, the right to liberty and self expression is one of the fundamental rights, which can’t be violated.

Opponents argue that how can school uniforms infringe the right that has been constitutionally guaranteed in all major democracies of the world. The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of citizens to life, liberty. The U.S. Supreme Court has also ruled in favor of the right of individuals to self-expression.

Another of school uniforms arguments against is that school uniforms hamper free development of personality. The oppositions view school uniforms symbol of servility and submissiveness. They feel that the schools having strict codes on uniforms will just produce the subservient citizens rather than free thinking citizens. They feel that the schools with school uniforms are incapable of producing thinkers of tomorrow rather they can just produce imbecile meek followers.
According to them, school uniforms are regimental, militaristic, and faceless, which should be done away with. Students should be encouraged to exercise their individual taste and freedom.

Another of school uniforms arguments against is that school uniforms are highly expensive. They are sometimes more costlier that ordinary clothings. Children are constantly growing and the manufacturers of school uniforms and accessories take good advantage of the situation; parents are left with none other option than to bear the costs of expensive school uniforms.

Another of school uniforms arguments against is that school uniforms fail to bring complete conformity among the school students; cliques and coteries are still formed in the schools with school uniforms.

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