Math 1st Grade

When you are speaking about the math 1st grade lessons, you must be clear on the fact that it will require you to take lessons on learning games, interactive activities, printable worksheets, reinforcement as well as assessments.

For the first grade lessons in math, manipulative are very important. The important portions of first grade math include a good sense of number as well as operations, geometry, algebra, spatial sense, data analysis, measurement and probability. As far as basic arithmetic is concerned, the first grade students have an idea of numbers up to 100. The children will also be adding and rt subtracting numbers to 100.

The math curriculum in the first grade

Math 1st grade will require the child to learn more about geometrical objects and figures, measurement of length, time, capacity, weight, temperature, graphs and charts for analyzing data and prediction, use of money and algebraic patterns.

Let the children understand what the symbols mean. For instance, “<” implies less than, “=” means equal to, and “>” implies greater than. Counting is a fundamental paof math 1st grade; the first grade math student needs help to be able to count forward or backward until the number 100.

Place value is another important thing that the math 1st grade student needs to know. Make sure your child knows the place value of any digit in a whole number less than 100. Teach them the importance of “0” as a placeholder for the expression of place value.

The students must also learn to act on instructions like “count on”, “count back”, “make ten”, “doubles”, and “doubles plus one”. The children should also have an understanding of the associative and commutative properties of addition. You can also give the child materials like coins, number expressions and diagrams, and then ask them to show the equivalent forms of the same number.

Make sure that you liven up the math 1st grade lessons, while teaching the math concepts to your child. Try to transform the subject “math” into a kind of game full of fun; this will make it easier for the child to have a better understanding of it. Keep the child involved and reward him/her with gifts for correct answer to fillip his/her interest in the subject. Above all, you must try to provide the math 1st grade child a clear understanding of the math concepts that will help him/her in future.

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