Preschool Math

Preschool math is the basic and primary stage of enhancing the mathematical skills of a child. Children often face major problems in math, as it is not an easy subject to handle. Therefore, preschool math is quite essential for your child if he desires to emerge out as a flourishing student in mathematics. There are many activities arranged by the preschools that encourage the children to take interest in the subject.

The preschools are the ideal ones where basic mathematical concepts are taught to the children. This period is very crucial for your child, since it is during this period that they start learning the basics of the subject. With the help of certain math activities, your child will get involved in unlimited fun while he engages himself in solving the mathematical problems. Printable math worksheets are also provided to children that form a major part of preschool math.

Preschool math begins with counting. Your child will just love to count everything he sees around him as soon as he learns the technique to count. They will even go to the extent of counting stairs, cars, toys, chicken nuggets and every small thing. Counting numbers is one of the important lessons in preschool math for your child.

Introduce your child with the math board games with spaces that are enjoyable to play with. You will find that as your child gradually moves the piece on the board, his counting power increases. As soon as he learns the skill, provide him with him two dice, which will automatically gear up his interest in adding the numbers of the two dices.

Children love to play with shapes. Learning shapes too help them to sharpen their conception of Geometry, which is a very important section of mathematics. The first step begins by drawing circles, then triangles, squares and so on. When your child returns from his preschool make sure that he has learned to draw shapes like star, heart, diamond, pentagon, rectangle, Oval etc.

Drawing will not merely contribute to your child’s conception of shapes, but he also needs to work on some more activities. For instance, ask your child to pick up any shape and identify with daily objects he finds around him. Worksheets are also available on TLS Books where he can experiment on shapes.

Addition is another major step of preschool math. Start with simple addition and then proceed towards the harder levels. Various math activities like the plastic beads work out, as the perfect ones for making a child understand the concept of addition. You can also tell stories to your child where addition has been highlighted as the main subject.

Cooking also serves as an important preschool math activity. The teacher can also provide the children with teaspoons, cups of water, chocolate chips etc that they love to count. After cooking, it is time to learn fractions. A baked cake is enough for your child to clear his concepts of fraction. They will love to try out cutting the cake in one half and sometimes in one fourth and so on, learning the fractions in the process.

Therefore, you see, your child needs to get involved in preschool math.

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