Fun and Games

Earth to Kids
There are a number of different puzzles here for you to try. There are word searches and quizzes, all to do with the environment. How much do you know?

Egyptian Name Translator
Type in your name and see what it looks like written in hieroglyphics.

Find the State
Can you identify all 50 States? This is a good game for learning where all the states are. When you know them all, see how fast you are.

Flag Tag
How well do you know the world flags? There is a country name and three flags. You have to ‘catch’ the right flag!

A Game A Day
Play a new game everyday at this interactive site. Some games relate to social studies and some are just for fun. You can check out old games, too.

Your Geography Knowledge Quiz
Can you place the 50 States on the map correctly? Try it out. When you’ve done select another world map, and try again.

Gorm’s Viking Name Convertor
Enter your name and choose the word that describes you best. Gorm will give you your Viking name. Try finding names for other people you know, too!

Hangman – US Presidents
Each of the games has the name of a US President. Can you guess which president it is?

Journey Through The Middle Ages
Move through the castle room-by-room, gathering information on the way. To move to the next room you must answer a question correctly and then you will be given a clue and move on. The aim is to collect all the clues and solve a puzzle, to be made a knight.

The Magic School Bus Great Habitat Game
Find out more about a few endangered species and their habitats, try playing the game.

Runes Through Time
Enter your name in the space provided and translate it into runes. When you have finished, check out the rest of the page to learn more about Vikings and runes.

Seven Wonders
The idea of the game is to eliminate colored bricks. You need to have at least two same-color bricks next to each other to get them to disappear. Behind the wall of bricks there are photographs of the Seven Wonders of the World, and a few more, too. This game is not as easy as it looks, and you need to eliminate most of the bricks to see the picture. Good Luck!

World Capitals
Try these different activities for learning the capital cities of the world. There is something to please everyone.

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