School Uniforms Arguments Against

The debate on school uniforms continues. Often debated in the United States, UK, and various countries of the world, School uniforms are no longer viewed as symbol of discipline and pride. The whole academia is divided on the issue; public and experts are on contradicting lines. The advocates of school uniforms offer a number of […]

School Uniforms

School uniforms are the distinctive design clothings worn by the students of schools. School uniforms are purposely designed for undifferentiated identification. The concept of school uniforms seems to have come from the old time practice of wearing standard costumes in religious personnel and armies. In old times, it was common among the people performing religious […]

School Uniform Debates

There is lot of talk on school uniforms nowadays. School uniforms are hot subject of ongoing school uniform debates. There are numerous school uniform debates hotly going on all over the world. These school uniform debates are all about the issues of public schools making school uniforms mandatory for children. Often, troubled by this mandatory […]

Sailor Fuku

The common japanese school girl uniform is sailor fuku. The sailor fuku, also known as sailor outfit is worn by middle school and high school female students. The principal of Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University, Elizabeth Lee introduced Sailor fuku as japanese school girl uniform in 1921. The school uniform was based on the uniform used […]

Public School Uniforms

School uniforms seem to be making a distinction in the public schools all through. Public school zones and individual schoolhouses have long established dress codes proscribing certain clothing. The public school uniforms are usually simple in style & color, and are meant to express the institutional principles of the school. The first public school to […]

Personalizing Girls School Uniform

Girls hate rigid school dress codes. They feel that their personal identities have lost in these strict school dress codes and they are searching for their lost identities. According to rigid school dress codes, personalizing and accessorizing in girls school uniform is strictly prohibited. Yet some less rigid school dress codes some amount of personalizing […]

People Against School Uniforms

The ongoing debate on uniforms has numerous voices “for” and “against” school uniforms. The voices for school uniforms are from many educationists, academic experts, and legislators. These people stand for school uniforms and recognize numerous benefits of school uniforms, but on the contrary, the voices against school uniforms are from the extreme individualists. These are […]

Japanese School Uniforms

The Japanese school uniforms are conventional part of Japanese life. The Japanese school uniforms are almost universal in the public and private schools, and in some women’s colleges in Japan. The schools in Japan are known for their uniforms. The system of the Japanese school uniforms was modernized in the late 19th century. Under its […]

Catholic School Uniforms

Catholic schools are the schools set up by the Roman Catholics. These schools are based on the principles and religious values of the Roman Catholics. According to the National Catholic Education Association, there were over 7,580 Catholic schools in 2005-06 in the United States, together with 6,386 primary schools and 1,203 secondary schools. Overall, there […]

Boy Scouts of America

The increasing number of schools implementing strict dress codes indicates that the proponents are wining the ongoing debate on school uniforms. The proponents of school uniforms include an extensive number of educationists and legislators, who laud the advantages of school uniforms, but on the contrary, the opponents include the mob of extreme individualists, who just […]