World Cultures

Aboriginal Awareness
Learn about Canada’s original inhabitants. The way they live, how they helped the first settlers in North America, and much more.

AfroAmerica Kids Zone
Discover the culture of Africa, play games and read about African myths and fables.



Cultural Connections
Find out what life is like in some other countries around the world. Not all of the links work at this site, so if one doesn’t work, try another. There is a lot of good information here.



Culture Quest World Tour
Tour the world with Parsifal Penguin and Ophelia Owl. Explore crafts and games from different countries.



The First Americans
A Grade 3 project. Learn about Native American culture.



Holidays Around the World
Check the calendar and see what holidays are being celebrated around the world this week. This site allows you to send in your birthday to be entered in the calendar. Please be SURE to check with your parents first, if you want to do this.



Kids Eyes on Asia – Vietnam
Find out all about school in Vietnam. When you have checked out the schools, why not have a look at the food and some of the things that go on everyday?



Kids Window Restaurant
What do children in Japan eat? How different is it to the food you eat everyday? Find out more here.



Learn to Use Chopsticks
Some people from Asia eat with chopsticks. Find out how to use chopsticks, and then try them out.



Native American Recipes
These are authentic Native American recipes on a site that has an incredible wealth of cultural information.


World Games
Try playing some of these games that other kids around the world play. Be warned there are no computers involved in any of them, just good outdoor fun!

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